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How to Get Rid of My AI on Snapchat Without Snapchat Plus

how to get rid of my ai on snapchat without snapchat plus

Do you want to enjoy your conversations on Snapchat without the AI features but don’t want to download Snapchat Plus? In this article, we’ll guide you through the simple steps to remove the AI features on Snapchat. By following these instructions, you can ensure that your conversations remain AI-free and you’re in full control of your privacy on the app.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s possible to remove AI features on Snapchat without using Snapchat Plus
  • Disabling AI on Snapchat settings can be done by toggling off the “Scan” option in the “Additional Services” section under “Privacy”
  • Customizing AI features on Snapchat can provide a balance between AI functionality and privacy
  • Enhancing privacy on Snapchat can include adjusting privacy settings and being cautious when sharing personal information
  • By following these steps, you can enjoy chatting AI-free on Snapchat!

Understanding the AI Features on Snapchat

As one of the most popular social media apps, Snapchat has become increasingly sophisticated, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) features to improve the user’s experience. However, some users might wish to have more control over their conversations and may prefer to remove or customize these AI functions.

Three key AI features on Snapchat include:

Voice Recognition With this feature, Snapchat can identify spoken words and commands to provide users with voice filters and effects for their snaps. The app can also transcribe spoken text into captions for videos.
Object Recognition Using object recognition technology, Snapchat can detect specific objects or types of objects in your snaps, such as food or pets. This feature allows Snapchat to offer relevant filters, stickers, and augmented reality lenses.
Personalized Filters Snapchat’s AI can create customized filters for individual users based on their location, interests, or recent searches. These filters enable users to personalize their snaps with unique designs.

While these AI features can enhance your experience on Snapchat, some users may wish to limit or remove them to increase privacy or reduce the app’s data consumption. In the following sections, we’ll explore how to remove or customize AI features on Snapchat easily.

Disabling AI on Snapchat Settings

If you’re concerned about your privacy when using Snapchat, disabling AI is always an option. Here’s how to do it:

Step Description
Step 1 Open the app on your device.
Step 2 Tap on your profile icon on the top left corner.
Step 3 Select the settings gear icon.
Step 4 Scroll down and tap on “Privacy”.
Step 5 Choose “Manage” under “Additional Services”.
Step 6 Locate the “Scan” option and toggle it off to disable AI scanning in your chats.

It’s that simple! By following these easy steps, you can get rid of AI on your Snapchat and enjoy a more private chatting experience.

Customizing AI Features on Snapchat

Customizing AI features on Snapchat is an excellent solution if you don’t want to remove them entirely from your experience. You can explore options like:

Option Description
Voice recognition This feature allows you to add filters to your snaps by simply speaking out specific words or phrases.
Object recognition The app recognizes certain objects and allows you to use relevant filters, such as adding cat ears to photos of your pet.
Personalized filters You can create custom filters using your own designs and add them to your snaps.

To customize AI features on Snapchat, simply proceed to the settings menu and adjust the options according to your preferences. By doing so, you can balance your desire for AI functionality with your privacy concerns.

Enhancing Privacy on Snapchat

Disabling or customizing AI features is a good step to protect your privacy on Snapchat. However, you can further enhance your privacy by adjusting your privacy settings. Here are some tips:

  • Limit who can contact you: Go to “Settings” and then “Who Can…” to adjust who can send you Snaps, see your Stories, and more.
  • Choose who can see your posts: Under “Settings,” select “View My Story” and then adjust your settings according to your preferences.
  • Be mindful of the information you share: Avoid sharing personal information like your phone number or address with people you don’t know.
  • Regularly review your friends list: Remove or block any contacts you don’t trust or recognize.

Protecting Your Privacy on Snapchat: Real-World Examples

Here are some real-world examples of steps to enhance privacy on Snapchat.

Scenario Privacy Solution
You want to stop receiving unsolicited messages from strangers. Under “Settings,” select “Who Can…” and then adjust your settings so only friends can send you Snaps and view your Story.
You want to limit who can see your Story. Under “Settings,” select “View My Story” and then adjust your settings so only certain friends can see your Story.
You accidentally added someone you don’t trust as a friend. Block or remove them from your friends list.
You don’t want your location to be visible on Snapchat’s Snap Map. Under “Settings,” select “See My Location” and turn it off.

By taking these steps, you can enjoy the benefits of Snapchat while protecting your personal information and privacy.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to get rid of AI on Snapchat without the need for Snapchat Plus. By disabling or customizing the AI features, you can take control of your conversations and enhance your privacy on the app. Remember to also take additional steps to protect your data by adjusting your privacy settings and being cautious when sharing personal information.

We hope this article has been helpful. Enjoy chatting AI-free on Snapchat!


How can I disable AI on Snapchat?

To disable AI on Snapchat, open the app on your device. Tap on your profile icon on the top left corner, then select the settings gear icon. Scroll down and find the “Privacy” option. Choose “Manage” under “Additional Services” and locate the “Scan” option. Toggle off this feature to disable AI scanning in your chats.

Can I customize AI features on Snapchat?

Yes, you can customize AI features on Snapchat. Within the settings menu, explore options like voice recognition, object recognition, and personalized filters. Adjust the settings according to your preferences to strike a balance between AI functionality and privacy.

How do I enhance my privacy on Snapchat?

To enhance your privacy on Snapchat, consider adjusting your privacy settings. You can choose who can contact you or view your posts. Be cautious when sharing personal information and regularly review your friends list to ensure that you’re only connected with trusted individuals.

Is it necessary to use Snapchat Plus to get rid of AI on Snapchat?

No, you don’t need to use Snapchat Plus to get rid of AI on Snapchat. You can easily disable AI features or customize them within the app’s settings menu without the need for any additional third-party applications.

Will disabling AI on Snapchat affect my overall app experience?

Disabling AI features on Snapchat will not significantly impact your overall app experience. However, certain personalized filters may no longer be available, as they rely on AI functionality. It’s up to you to decide if having full control over your privacy and conversations is more important than these filters.

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