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How To Change Background Color on Instagram Story?


In modern ever-evolving social media panorama, Instagram has solidified its position as a storytelling powerhouse. With a plethora of capabilities continuously at your fingertips, personalization has emerge as a key attention. One highly sought-after customization alternative is the capability to exchange the historical past coloration of your Instagram tales. This article will stroll you thru the step-through-step method of how to effortlessly transform the historical past color of your Instagram story.

Why Personalize Your Instagram Story Background?

Before we delve into the practical steps, allow’s take a second to recognize the significance of customizing your Instagram tale background. Adding a personal touch in your content is paramount. Whether you’re aligning with logo colorations, setting a selected temper, or just aiming to face out, converting the historical past color is a effective manner to enhance the visible attraction of your testimonies.

Step 1: Open Instagram and Navigate to Stories

To kick off the customization method, open your Instagram app and faucet in your profile image on the top-left corner of the display. This movement will seamlessly transition you to the Stories interface, imparting you with a canvas to craft visually fascinating content material.

Step 2: Capture or Select Your Content

Before diving into history colour modifications, capture a new image or choose an present one from your digital camera roll. This selected content material will function the muse on your tale, with the history color complementing it seamlessly.

Step 3: Access the Drawing Tool

Once your content material is selected, discover the drawing device icon at the pinnacle of the display. Resembling a pen, this icon is situated on the top toolbar. Tap on it to reveal the color palette and drawing options important for customizing your historical past.

Step 4: Choose Your Background Color

Within the drawing tool, a spectrum of colors awaits your choice. Swipe through the palette until you find the proper heritage color for your tale. Instagram offers a numerous range of colors, supplying you with adequate creative freedom.

Step 5: Hold Down at the Screen

With your preferred color selected, press and preserve anywhere at the display. This movement will fill the entire historical past with your chosen colour. For those looking for a gradient effect or a particular pattern, experimentation is advocated by means of conserving down on exclusive elements of the screen.

Tips for Background Color Customization

1. Experiment with Blending Modes

Unlock additional visual intensity and area of expertise with the aid of exploring Instagram’s mixing modes. Modes like “Overlay” or “Multiply” can interact in another way along with your content material, presenting intriguing visible consequences.

2. Use Stickers and Text Wisely

Ensure optimal clarity with the aid of selecting text and stickers that comparison nicely with the background colour. Experiment with numerous fonts and styles to find out the precise combination.

3. Consider Your Brand Aesthetic

For the ones the use of Instagram for commercial enterprise or private branding, maintaining a regular colour palette that aligns together with your ordinary aesthetic is key. This no longer only fosters brand recognition but also gives your profile a cohesive and expert look.


Changing the heritage colour to your Instagram story is a honest yet impactful technique to elevate your storytelling. Whether you’re a social media influencer, a enterprise owner, or an man or woman expressing your self, this customization function empowers you to depart a wonderful mark in the virtual realm. Experiment with colours, combo modes, and additional elements to craft stories that no longer only engage your target market but additionally go away a lasting impact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I change the background shade on Instagram testimonies the usage of the desktop version?
Unfortunately, Instagram’s computer model doesn’t aid this feature. You can only personalize background hues on the cell app.

2. Is there a limit to the range of colors I can pick out for my story history?
No, Instagram affords a numerous colour palette, allowing you to choose from an extensive range of colours to fit your preferences.

3. Do the heritage coloration changes have an effect on the visibility of my text and stickers?
Yes, it is critical to pick out historical past colours that assessment well with your textual content and stickers for top-quality readability.

4. Can I undo a history colour change once it is carried out to my tale?
Unfortunately, Instagram would not have an undo function for heritage colour changes. Make certain to select your colour accurately earlier than making use of.

5. Do history colour adjustments impact the record size of my tale?
No, converting the historical past shade would not extensively have an effect on the file length of your story. It’s a lightweight customization.

6. Can I use a custom coloration for my historical past rather than the provided palette?
Currently, Instagram simplest allows you to pick out from the colors in their furnished palette. There’s no option for custom colours.

7. Do background colour changes practice to each photographs and films in stories?
Yes, the historical past colour change applies to each pics and motion pictures on your Instagram testimonies.

8. Is there a way to schedule heritage shade changes for particular instances?
Instagram presently would not offer a scheduling feature for history colour modifications. You need to make changes in actual-time.

9. Will the background color exchange affect the visibility of my tale inside the Explore section?
No, converting the background shade may not effect the visibility of your story within the Explore phase. It stays seen to your fans.

10. Can I use heritage shade changes to create a subject for my Instagram memories?
Absolutely! Many users leverage background colour modifications to set up a regular subject matter for their testimonies, improving universal aesthetics.

Feel free to test with these history color customization functions to make your Instagram stories uniquely yours!

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